in less time,
with UnrealĀ  job opportunities

Lifes changed

We are the BRIDGE that connects talented youngsters from 17 to 22 years old, with REAL life opportunities. If you want to get the most out of YOUR LIFE butĀ  are being held back due to economical issues, WE ARE SEARCHING FOR YOU! Our process consists in providing short and intesive IT based bootcamps, and giving real career opportunities. We search for talent, we find it, we make it bloom.

Business model


SBC round 2
Top 20 most inovative ideas of the world 2021
MVP in process
Currently 12 aplicants
More tan 7 partnerships


This is our CEO, always planning always evolving always controlling, he is the man in charge, and what a man he is

This guy is the one that keeps everything running smoothly, SKAA without him would be as effective as a wingless pigeon, he is our COO.

Do you believe in santa claus? neither does he, but trust me, he can talk you into doing it, thats how good of a PR this fella is.

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